Module tbot::types

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Types for interacting with the API.


pub use bot_command::BotCommand;
pub use chat::Chat;
pub use dice::Dice;
pub use file::File;
pub use game::Game;
pub use inline_message_id::InlineMessageId;
pub use inline_query::InlineQuery;
pub use input_message_content::InputMessageContent;
pub use location::Location;
pub use message::Message;
pub use poll::Poll;
pub use pre_checkout_query::PreCheckoutQuery;
pub use sticker::Sticker;
pub use update::Update;
pub use user::User;
pub use webhook_info::WebhookInfo;


Types related to bot commands menu.
Types related to callbacks.
Types related to chats.
Types related to dice.
Types related to downloadable files.
Types related to games.
Types representing an inline message ID.
Types related to inline queries.
Types representing uploadable media.
Types related to input message contents.
Types representing keyboards, e.g. inline keyboards.
Types representing (live) locations.
Types related to messages.
Types used as parameters, mainly for methods.
Types related to Telegram Passport.
Types related to polls.
Types related to pre-checkout queries.
Types related to shipping information.
Types related to stickers.
Types related to updates.
Types related to users.
Types related to voice chats.
Types related to webhook information.


Represents an Animation.
Represents an Audio.
Represents a Contact.
Represents a Document.
Represents an Invoice.
Represents a LoginUrl.
Represents OrderInfo.
Represents a PhotoSize.
Represents a service message sent when a user triggers a proximity alert set by another user.
Represents a Venue.
Represents a Video.
Represents a VideoNote.
Represents a Voice.